12116002_10206888934896189_8023566382528080390_n 12143214_10206888930976091_36918751239308326_nI attended the exclusive first look at new Star Wars Force Awakens official trailer and Disney Infinity Pre Show. At the event at the El Capitan Theatre we all got goody bags that had a Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader figure in it. I lost it when I saw that figure in the bag. Its been sold out everywhere I have gone looking for it. If that wasn’t good enough we also got free popcorn bucket w/ drink. We’re able to view the new Force Awakens figures & play sets in person. I’m so excited to get them when they come out the same day as the movie. Since Darth Vader was so hard to find in stores, I figure the new Star Wars villain Kylo Ren would be even harder to get. So I preordered him on amazon and if you want Kylo Ren I would suggest doing the same. Speaking of Kylo Ren I went dressed up as him. I was shocked to see I was the only adult dressed up at the event. But at least it got me plenty of attention. I got a big cheer for the audience when I got to play racing game on stage. Its a new feature in Disney Infinity 3.0. Think mario kart but with disney/marvel/disney characters. Want to race around in a tea cup or tron cycle on Tattoonie? Well you can. Also got power ups that let you leave traps or shoot at other drivers. Yup, just like Mario Kart.  We got to watch the trailer on the big screen & buy tickets for the movie. I’ll be attending the marathon at El Cap which has all six Star Wars films along with some surprise guests. I wonder who it could be!? Also I was featured on ABC 7 news and was interviewed by Disney Infinity Toy Box channel. Looks like being dressed up paid off. You can buy Disney Infinity 3.0 started pack in stores now on all systems. Star Wars Force Awakens tickets are on sale now and are selling fast.

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