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Power up your political designs and mail

Successful political campaigns need a mix of awareness and messaging. Voters must know who is running for office—awareness is the first pillar. The second campaign pillar is messaging to let voters know about the candidates, their stance on important issues, and their positions surrounding critical issues. Getting the message out requires diverse online and offline marketing initiatives to reach a wide range of constituents. Some of the most consistent and reliable marketing methods for aspiring politicians and incumbents are letters, brochures, and direct mail postcards.

Mailed letters are often the first official introductory communication that includes essential background information and positioning on the most relevant issues. Logos, slogans, political seals, and a headshot introduce candidates as professionals that are up to the task. Add a QR code that constituents can scan using their smartphones to extend the conversation online using custom landing pages and video content. Then select a paper stock that can be printed 4-color on one side using heavier 100LB gloss stock, then tri-folded to fit in a standard #10 envelope for mailing.

Brochures have more flexibility in design and format, providing more visual impact than letters. They can be designed as a series of mailers to introduce the candidate, highlight their position on important topics, and introduce the candidate’s vision for the community. They can also be handed out at rallies and when walking neighborhoods. The design should be colorful, easy to read, and account for areas needed for folding and mailing. Photos and graphics should extend beyond the finished size of the brochure, called bleed, to provide a margin of error for cutting and folding. Level 27 Media provides templates and guidelines for these types of products to assist campaign staff and designers.

Postcards are one of the most widely used outreach methods for political campaigns, but how can candidates stand out among their competitors? Go big! Use oversized mailers that are 6” x 11” in size versus the standard postcard size of 4” x 6”. The extra space allows for larger, more impactful graphics and images and larger copy to get the message across. Static or dynamic maps are an excellent way to remind recipients of their local polling locations or ballot boxes. Opting for thicker stock and adding a UV coating not only gives a premium impression but gives added protection for the postcard as it goes through the postal system.

The mailing list may come from the political party or organizational sponsors, but the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service is another option. Candidates can easily canvas specific neighborhoods based on established mail routes. Using EDDM, all mail stops along the chosen route will receive your postcard without needing specific names or addresses. The USPS does have a few requirements for the program, including:

  • Minimum sizes of at least 5” x 3.5” or 10.5” x 6.125” for flatwork
  • Maximum weight of 3.3 ounces
  • 200 or more pieces or over 50 pounds of mail
  • Maximum of 5,000 pieces per day per 5-digit ZIP code

Using EDDM along with Level 27 Media selections and templates makes the challenge of reaching constituents easy, but your mail campaigns must also meet specific design guidelines set by the USPS. Fortunately, the product selections and templates provided by Level 27 Media make the process simple.

Level 27 Media is always here to help you grow your business and deliver for your clients.