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EDDM: Your Marketing Guide

When it comes to offering services and products to reach a targeted demographic within a specific area, Level 27 Media / Horizon West Printing is proud to offer full-service Every Door Direct Mail. This service not only simplifies the mailing process, but is significantly less expensive with more product options than traditional direct mail.

What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a cost-effective alternative to traditional direct mail that allows businesses to saturate the market and promote to every household or business in a desired geographical area. It’s perfect for grand openings, special promotions, and more!

This direct mail strategy is a great tool for local retailers and organizations that rely heavily on walk-in and local business support—like automotive dealers, dry cleaners, restaurants, real estate, and more—as they sent targeted mailing to customers along specific routes at discounted postage rates.

What Does Level 27 Media Offer?

With our easy-to-use website, integrative mapping tool, and full-service EDDM solution, we take the complexity out of EDDM, while our EDDM full-service solution simplifies the USPS rules and regulations associated with EDDM.

With just 3 simple steps, EDDM saves you time:

  1. Choose the product
  2. Select the route
  3. Upload artwork

We’ll take care of the paperwork, bundling, and delivery to the post office!

Check out these top 3 reasons why you will want to use EDDM to boost your sales:

  1. Saturate the market by mail – Because over 85% of local sales come from a 3 – 5 mile radius, EDDM is especially important for small businesses—it was built for that!
  2. EDDM anywhere – With Level 27 Media, EDDM is possible anywhere across the US. You can choose a route in your own neighborhood or across the country.
  3. Low postage rate – With EDDM postage is significantly lower per piece for any size and any amount. You won’t be restricted by the size, weight, or coating of the piece you’re mailing. This is perfect for flyers, postcards, etc.—not to mention, the postage is less expensive than traditional direct mail.

Contact us today to see how EDDM can help boost your business!